Things you need to know about CVT gearbox

CVT gearbox is a type of automatic transmission that can be found in many cars. It is more efficient than the traditional manual or semi-automatic transmissions because the CVT gearbox transmits power transversely.

A CVT gearbox has a ratio that is variable, with infinite variations of transmission ratios. This allows the vehicle to have an optimum setup for all driving conditions.

CVT transmissions are also more fuel-efficient than other types of automatic transmissions because they can reduce engine power while maintaining speed and torque, which conserves fuel.

Things you need to know about CVT gearbox

  • Very demanding on the quality of the transmission fluid, and at Melbourne Euro we only use G 052 516 A2. A complete replacement will require 7 liters of transmission fluid.
  • Renew the oil and the corresponding filters every 60 thousand km, and when it is older, you should do it more often.
  • At the same time, you should also take care of replacing the oil line.
  • The driver must follow the driving style. Variator categorically does not tolerate sudden acceleration, braking.
  • Noticing the first sign of a malfunction, you should contact Melbourne Euro for an advice, the pull chain and pulleys get worse, once chain is broken into pieces it’s a big job to repair.

At Melbourne Euro, we offer full CVT services in Melbourne, from diagnose, supply, repair and more.