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Melbourne Euro has access to 17GB worth of VAG files, the largest collection of stock and tuning maps, as well as affiliation with the best tuners in Europe who have developed DSG transmission tuning files. Talk to us about remapping your factory ECU for more performance at the same time. Discounts are available for vehicles that are tuned on both the DSG Box and Engine ECU.

A direct-shift gearbox (DSG, German: Direktschaltgetriebe) is an electronically-controlled, dual-clutch, multiple-shaft, automatic gearbox, in either a transaxle or traditional transmission layout (depending on engine/drive configuration), with the automated clutch operation, and with fully-automatic or semi-manual gear selection. The first dual-clutch transmissions were derived from Porsche in-house development for the Porsche 962 in the 1980s.

Basically, a DSG gearbox is two separate manual gearboxes (and clutches) contained within one housing and working as one unit. It was designed by BorgWarner and is licensed to the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group). By using two independent clutches, a DSG can achieve faster shift times and eliminate the torque converter of a conventional automatic transmission.

There are several variations of DSG's across the VAG vehicle range. Some DSG gearboxes lead themselves more to tuning than others so to help determine which gearbox you have, we have listed the types below along with a short description. On most Audi models, the DSG is referred to as an S-Tronic gearbox. It can be quite confusing as the normal Torque Converter Autos are also sometimes called S-Tronic as well.

DSG Tuning Benefits

These DSG upgrades can be applied to a completely stock vehicle improving its driving characteristics or added to a tuned vehicle to make the very best from any tuning. Just like our range of ECU remaps, each DSG tuning file is custom written specifically for the vehicle and driver requirements.

  • Every DSG tune can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give the driver the best possible driving experience.
  • The tuning of your DSG Box is customised to suit your requirements of improved shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness, for the mild to the more aggressive driver requirements, and existing vehicle modifications including exhausts, turbo upgrades etc.

DSG Tuning Options & Benefits

Increased Shift Response
The shift response can be increased providing a smoother gear to gear transition, meaning a reduction of unnecessary clutch slip under full load acceleration protecting your clutch from premature failure. With the reduced shift times you will also benefit from improved paddle-reaction-time in Sport mode.

Torque Limiter Modifications
The vehicle torque limiter/s are tuned as part of our ECU remap, however, if your vehicle is equipped with DSG transmission then you could be missing out as the DSG control unit does have its own inbuilt torque limiters also. Through tuning, we are able to release the extra torque produced from your tuned engine whilst still ensuring the stability and capability of all mechanical moving hardware within the DSG transmission.

RPM Limiter Adjustments
Here just like the torque limiter tuning as above your DSG has control of RPM limiters for each gear there would be no point to make adjustments the engine ECU RPM limiter without the same changes applied to the DSG maps. Increasing these shift points will give the driver full control and command of the engine's power in the upper RPM ranges and we will set the DSG rev limit to work with your engines current setup.

Launch Control
Launch control can be activated in most cars but is particularly effective in DSG equipped vehicles.

DSG Gearbox Models:

6 Speed DSG

  • DQ250 - 02E / 0D9 Tuning
    This is fitted to most 6 speed DSG models from 2003-present. At the time of launch in 2003, it became the world's first dual-clutch transmission in a series-production car, in the German-market Volkswagen Golf Mk4 R32, and shortly afterwards worldwide, in the original Audi TT 3.2 and the 2004+ New Beetle TDI. For the first few years of production, this original DSG transmission was only available in transversely oriented front-engine, front-wheel-drive and Haldex based four-wheel-drive vehicle layouts. Most 02E Gearboxes have a set torque limit of 360nm (265ft/lbs) in the software. The first DSG transaxle that went into production for the Volkswagen Group mainstream marques has six forward speeds (and one reverse) and uses wet/submerged multi-plate clutch packs. The two-wheel-drive version weighs 93 kg. We have all the required software files and can tune pretty much any 02E.
  • DQ400 - 0DD Tuning
    This is based on the above DQ250 but is mainly used in the Golf 7 GTE (hybrid) and the Audi A3 E-tron (hybrid)
    This 6-speed transmission has a modified clutch housing, to create extra space for the hybrid electromotor. The gearbox is fitted to the 1.4 TSI engines. We can't tune this type.

7 Speed DSG

  • DQ200 - 0AM / 0CW Tuning
    At the start of 2008, another world-first 70 kg seven-speed DSG transaxle became available. It differs from the six-speed DSG, in that it uses two single-plate dry clutches (of similar diameter) designed by LuK Clutch Systems.
    This seven-speed DSG is used in smaller front-wheel-drive cars with smaller-displacement engines with lower torque outputs, such as the latest Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Polo Mk5,and the new SEAT Ibiza. It is also fitted to the Caddy 1.6 TDI models. It has been paired to engines with up to 250 Nm (180 lb/ft). It has considerably less oil capacity than the six-speed DQ250, the DQ200 uses just 1.7 litres of transmission fluid. Unfortunately, we are not able to tune these for more torque holding due to their 'dry clutch' design.

  • DQ380 - 0DE Tuning
    Used in the Golf 7 GTI and Audi S3. Production started in 2015, widespread in China. This transmission is a smaller version of the DQ500, which can be found on the Audi RS3 & Audi Q3 2.0TFSI/TDI engines. This uses a Wet Clutch system.
  • DQ381 - 0GC Tuning
    In 2017 an improvement of DQ380 was derived as the DQ381 and is used in many new vehicles with MQB platform like the Arteon. DQ381 has an all wheel drive variant as DQ381-7A, the front drive variant is called DQ381-7F.
    This gearbox is a smaller version of the DQ500, which can be found on the Audi RS3/TT-RS.
    With modified software the DQ380 can handle up to 600hp/700Nm.
  • DQ400E - 0DD Tuning
    Used in the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE and Passat GTE. The electric motor is included in the DSG assembly. There are a total of 3 clutches on this DSG.
  • DQ500 - 0BH / 0BT Tuning
    This is a heavier transverse 7 speed DSG and is built to support up to 600 Nm (440 lb/ft) from the factory. It can be found in the VW Transporter, Tiguan, Audi RS3, TT-RS and Q3, it is also fitted to the Passat 2.0 BiTDI. The DQ500 gearbox is the strongest transverse DSG within the VAG group. Therefore, this one is used on heavier vehicles and models with high power/torque outputs.

    The DQ500 can handle up to 800hp/1000Nm with DSG software and upgraded clutch packs.
  • DQ511 Tuning
    Codenamed DQ511, the new DSG gearbox with 10 speeds is mechanically similar to the DQ500. Besides improving fuel consumption, the extra gears offer one major advantage. The gearbox feels more open, in that the difference between the highest and the lowest ratio is wide. Because they are closer in drive ratio, there's less jumpiness when shifting, which some owners have complained about in the past.
    Just like the DQ500, the two multi-plate clutches are bathed in oil, though the lubricant reaches a lower level and has reduced viscosity, which improves efficiency.
    The DQ511 project was confirmed as being dropped by VW in early 2019, with them stating that their focus was on electric vehicles, which generally require no gearboxes or much simpler ones, due to their instant torque.
  • DL382 - 0CL / 0CJ / 0DP / 0CK / 0DN & DL382+ 0HL & DL382E 0DK Tuning
    7-speed DSG transmission with wet clutch. Used in the Audi A4/A5/A6/Q5 and Volkswagen Phideon (Chinese market model). Production started in 2015 with a 400Nm capacity, both front wheel drive variant DL382-7F and all wheel drive variant DL382-7Q. The Quattro Ultra all wheel drive version DL382-7A was introduced in the Q5 (type FY). Starting with Audi A6/A7 (type 4K), the high torque variant (up to 500Nm) named as DL382+ was introduced.

    0CK and 0DN are codenames for DL382-7F, 0CL is for DL382-7Q, 0CJ and 0DP are for DL382-7A and 0HL is for DL382+-7A. There is also a DL382E with codename 0DK, which has a Traction Motor for the Electric Drive / Hybrid Drive system.

    All these Gearboxes share the same Dual Oil and Filter system, separating the Clutch / Mechatronic Oil Circuit from the Gear and Differential Circuit.
  • DL501 - 0B5 Tuning
    In late 2008, an all-new seven-speed longitudinal S-Tronic version of the DSG transaxle went into series production. Initially, from early 2009, it is only used in certain Audi cars, and only with longitudinally mounted engines. Like the original six-speed DSG, it features a concentric dual wet multi-plate clutch. However, this particular variant uses notably more plates - the larger outer clutch (for the odd-numbered gears) uses 10 plates, whereas the smaller inner clutch (driving even-numbered gears and reverse) uses 12 plates.

    Another notable change over the original transverse DSGs is the lubrication system, Audi now utilises two totally separate oil circuits. One oil circuit, consisting of 7.5 litres, lubricates the hydraulic clutches and mechatronics with fully synthetic specialist automatic transmission fluid (ATF), whilst the other oil circuit lubricates the gear trains and front and centre differentials with 4.3 litres of conventional hypoid gear oil. This dual circuit lubrication is aimed at increasing overall reliability, due to eliminating cross-contamination of debris and wear particles.
    It has a total mass, including all lubricants and a dual-mass flywheel of 141.5 kg.
    The factory rate the torque handling limit of up to 600 Nm (440 lb/ft), and engine power outputs of up to 330 kW (450 PS; 440 bhp), but up to 1000 Nm has been put through these without issue.
  • DL800 - 0BZ Tuning
    Fitted to the second-generation Audi R8 (2015–present) and the Lamborghini Huracan. This features a wet clutch with identically sized plates for each gear, unlike the other boxes that have different sized plates for the odd and even gears. This means the torque holding is the same for each gear.

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