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Melbourne Euro is Australia's first software-driven mechanic workshop, we love German hardware so much that we make sure we maintain its software up to date!

We believe in:

✔ Comprehensive diagnostics,

✔ Agile repair planning,

✔ Partnership discussion,

✔ Move to the future, fast!

Since the inception of Melbourne Euro as a business, Keldo's vision is to develop products and services that inspire customers and set us apart from the competition.

Having access to the latest Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes software as well as agile methods, strong mindset: Enables Melbourne Euro to be the first Software Enabled Car Repair Shop in Australia.

When a vehicle leaves a manufacturing plant, it's left with a software version that the vehicle will live with for the rest of its life. This software gets updated with fixes and enhancements that will get applied to later model vehicles but not necessarily your vehicle, at Melbourne Euro, we can update the software of individual CAN modules to take advantage of these fixes and enhancements.

Typical modules that we apply software update are:

  • ECU Updatesor DME Updates
  • Transmission Control Module Updates
  • ABS control module Updates
  • Steering Column Lock and Steering Rack Module Updates
  • Kessy / Keyless system Updates
  • Driver and Passenger door module Updates
  • Multimedia control head Updates
  • Climate control module Updates
  • Parking sensor module Updates
  • Steering Electronics Module Updates
  • Instrument Cluster Updates and Virtual Cockpit Updates
  • Gateway Updates and Upgrade
  • All wheel drive and haldex control module Updates
  • Immoboliser box Updates
  • BCM, BCM1, BCM2 (Body Control Module) Updates
  • Central Electronics Module Updates and Central Convenient Module Updates
  • Bluetooth Module Updates
  • Multimedia, Infotainment, Navigation and Radio Updates
  • MOST Fibre Optic system Updates

In addition to the above, we also provide the following services:

  • MMI 3G, MMI 3G Plus, RNS850 software and Map Updates (latest available version is ROW 2020, 5.12.6, 8R0060884HA)
  • MIB 2 software and Map update
  • MIB 2 Apple car play and Android Auto Enablement
  • Tow bar coding.
  • Taillight conversions and coding
  • Headlight facelifting and coding
  • Custom software for custom wiring and voltage monitoring

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