Common Repairs

Maintenance for Your Mercedes Benz to Keep it Running Smoothly.
Melbourne Euro Mercedes Benz common service, we offer all repairs for Mercedes Benz models. Our expert technicians are certified and have many years of experience with all Mercedes Benz models.

Stay cool and comfortable on the road driving your Volkswagen with Melbourne Euro’s AC Services in Melbourne. Our team of certified technicians are equipped to handle all of your air conditioning needs, from routine maintenance to complete system repair. Trust us to keep your Volkswagen running at its best and to keep you cool even on the hottest days.

The scope of the service is thoroughly cleaning the air conditioning system to provide clean air for respiration, obstruct undue windscreen fogging, and keep the circulating air hygienic.

    • Save up to 40%* on air condition services or repairs.

    • Book easily online

    • Know the price before booking and avoid expensive surprises.

An air conditioning service on a Volkswagen is just as important as regular car maintenance jobs like an oil check.

How often should I check my Volkswagen’s AC?

It is recommended to have the air conditioning system checked and serviced in your Volkswagen every 2 years or approximately 38,000-40,000 km, whichever comes first. However, it’s a good idea to have it serviced more frequently if you use your air conditioning system frequently. It’s also a good idea to have the system checked if you notice any issues such as weak airflow or strange smells coming from the vents.

A/C Performance Check
If the AC efficiency is questionable
$ 150 only!
Pricing includes hourly rates
Services Included:
  • Visual inspection of A/C components
  • System state of charge test
  • A leak test using approved electronic leak detector
  • System control test

Service Your BMW with Confidence @ Melbourne Euro.

Models We Work With As the leading BMW mechanics in Melbourne

Some of the models that we deal with include:

  • BMW 3 Series

    BMW 3 Series

  • BMW 5 Series

    BMW 5 Series

  • BMW X3

    BMW X3

  • BMW 7 Series

    BMW 7 Series

  • BMW X5

    BMW X5

  • BMW 1 Series

    BMW 1 Series

  • BMW X1

    BMW X1

  • BMW 4 Series

    BMW 4 Series

  • BMW 6 Series

    BMW 6 Series

  • BMW X6

    BMW X6

FAQs for Common Repairs Services by Melbourne Euro:

Timing Belt Replacement is crucial for preventing engine damage and maintaining optimal engine performance. The timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the engine's crankshaft and camshaft, ensuring that engine valves open and close at the right time. Regular replacement is essential to prevent belt wear, which could lead to engine failure if not addressed promptly.

Suspension Repairs involve addressing issues with the vehicle's suspension system, including shocks, struts, and other components. This is vital for maintaining stability, control, and comfort while driving. Over time, wear and tear on suspension components can affect the vehicle's handling, leading to a bumpy ride and decreased overall safety.

Brake Repairs are crucial for maintaining the safety of your vehicle. The braking system is a critical component that requires regular inspection and maintenance. Brake repairs may involve addressing issues with brake pads, rotors, calipers, and other components. Timely repairs ensure that your vehicle can stop effectively, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of both the driver and passengers.

Electrical Repairs become necessary when there are issues with the vehicle's electrical system, including the battery, alternator, starter, and wiring. Electrical problems can manifest as issues with lights, power windows, and other electronic components. Prompt electrical repairs are crucial to maintain the functionality of these systems and prevent potential breakdowns.

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