History of Melbourne Euro

The owners are long-time Audi and BMW enthusiasts with several engineering and IT qualifications. They have spent many years owning and building many rare and iconic vehicles from scratch. The partners were looking for a new challenge in their field of engineering and a strong passion for driving a “cultural change” in the way services are provided on German cars, so they started Melbourne Euro in Campbellfield in 2021.

The New Wave of Automotive Service: Driving Cultural Change in the Mechanic Services Industry

Mechanic services are dominated by legacy dealerships, institutions that often stood unchallenged as the primary option for vehicle owners. However, their perceived arrogance, high costs, and lack of genuine care for customers and their cars gave rise to widespread dissatisfaction. The automotive service industry is primed for a change, and the birth of the Melbourne Euro is the embodiment of this cultural shift.

In a world where change is a constant, the Melbourne Euro story is one of a pioneering spirit, taking on the giants of the industry and succeeding in crafting a fresh approach to automotive servicing. The company’s inception was rooted not just in servicing cars but in driving a cultural change in how honest mechanic services were provided.

The founder of Melbourne Euro is a very well-recognised individual in the VAG and Porsche industry – he recognised the need for a mechanic service shift – that valued customers and their cars rather than viewing them as mere transactions.He sees the opportunity to break from the norm and provide a customer-centric experience that starkly contrasts traditional dealerships’ practices.