Common DSG Problems

A Direct Shift Gearbox, or DSG for short, is a gearbox that can change gears without the need for a clutch. DSG are the most common type of transmission in modern cars.

However, they don’t come without any problems. Here are the most common ones:

  • The 7-speed DQ200 and 6-speed DQ250 gearboxes sometimes suffer from power loss (gear disengaging) due to short-circuiting of wires caused by a build-up of sulphur in the transmission oil.
  • Jerky, hesitant operation, Jumping, thumping is one of the most common complaints drivers have with their dual-clutch transmissions. Such hesitation is usually felt when pulling away from a stop or while traveling at low speeds and coming to a full stop at the traffic lights.
  • Error message on dashboard: (Gearbox Malfunction, You Can Continue Driving.)
  • Mechatronic failure
    • P17BF – Hydraulic pump system overload protection
    • 06079 – Hydraulic pump, play protection
    • 06300 – Function restriction, due to insufficient pressure build up
    • 06293 – Function restriction due to pressure drop
    • Shaking / juddering in 1st gear and when changing into higher gears
    • Current gear flashes on dashboard
    • Flashing engine management light or P R N D S on dashboard
    • P2711 unexpected mechanical gear disengagement
  • Clutch slip or banging on engagement
    • Fault code 06293 function restriction due to pressure drop
    • Fault code 01851 stuck in gear 6
  • Software Adaptation failures
    • Adaptation Drive not completed.
    • Basic Settings not done properly.
    • Clutch Calibration not completed properly.
  • Wet clutch failure
    • Clutch 1 or Clutch 2 P17CF Slippage too High
  • Sensor, Solenoid and TCU Problems:
    • P179E Drive Position Sensor Electrical Error.
    • P179F Drive Position Sensor Malfunction.
    • P060A – Internal Control Module Monitoring Processor Performance.

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