LIQUI MOLY: Beyond Standard Motor Oil – Here’s Why It’s the Best

When it comes to motor oil, many people stick to what they know. Brands like Castrol, Mobil 1, and Valvoline may immediately come to mind – they’re widely available, trusted, and have been used for years. But what if there is a product out there that offers even more? One that provides that extra layer of security and peace of mind? Meet LIQUI MOLY.

A Bit about LIQUI MOLY

Though it may not be a household name in Australia, LIQUI MOLY, a German company, has been delivering quality since 1957. All their products are manufactured in Germany, maintaining the highest standards of production. LIQUI MOLY’s first product, the MoS2 oil additive, contained molybdenum disulfide, a solid lubricant that allowed engines to run briefly without oil, a handy solution in emergency situations.

Understanding Molybdenum Disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide, or MoS2, shares a similar feel to graphite – slippery and smooth. When it comes to reducing friction, this compound is a game-changer, achieving a coefficient value of <0.1. In comparison, Teflon on Teflon yields a coefficient of 0.04, while steel on steel is at 0.57. In the engine context, lower friction is always beneficial.

One of LIQUI MOLY’s fascinating applications of molybdenum disulfide is in Molygen. Here, molybdate and tungstate molecules combine into a homogeneous solid, where the tungstate’s UV-reactive nature allows for easy detection of oil leaks with a UV flashlight.

Why Choose LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil?

Every engine is a complex matrix of moving parts, each interacting under extreme conditions. Heat and friction can lead to wear and tear if not managed effectively, and this is where the right engine oil plays a crucial role.

If you reside in colder climates, the importance of your engine oil increases manifold. Cold weather thickens the oil, affecting its flow and potentially leading to dry running of your engine. Over time, using incorrect oil could lead to significant engine and oil pump wear.

Whether you’re a track enthusiast pushing your engine to the limits or someone driving an older vehicle concerned about engine wear, LIQUI MOLY’s range caters to your needs. Their MoS2 oil, enriched with molybdenum disulfide, is formulated for great cold-start performance and improved wear characteristics for modern engines. It’s also recommended for older, air-cooled Porsches, given its excellent wear reduction in high-heat scenarios.

LIQUI MOLY understands that today’s engines are engineered to precise tolerances. Using the wrong oil viscosity can lead to harm, much like a pump designed for water struggling to move honey. The unique formulation of LIQUI MOLY’s MoS2 caters to the needs of modern engines, ensuring optimal lubrication and minimizing potential problems.

When you’re dealing with the demands of modern or classic engines, LIQUI MOLY proves its worth. Its thoughtful formulation and use of superior additives like molybdenum disulfide make it stand out from other motor oils. So, while you may be comfortable with the familiar brands, considering LIQUI MOLY could bring that extra peace of mind and superior engine performance, you didn’t know you were missing.

Choosing the Right LIQUI MOLY Oil: Expert Advice from Steffen Niemietz

The vast array of engine oil options offered by LIQUI MOLY can be overwhelming. From products boasting varied additives to a broad range of viscosities, understanding which oil suits your car best may seem daunting. To help us navigate through these choices, we reached out to Steffen Niemietz, Application Engineer at LIQUI MOLY’s R&D department, who shared valuable insights on picking the perfect oil for our customers’ cars at Melbourne Euro.

Choosing the Right Oil: A Balancing Act

According to Steffen, selecting the right oil is a delicate balancing act that requires attention to a car’s specific requirements and the conditions it operates under. It’s essential to consider the car’s make and model, its mileage, the climate it’s driven in, and the driver’s individual driving habits.

Make and Model

Certain car manufacturers recommend specific engine oils for their vehicles to maintain optimal performance. This recommendation is based on the design, metallurgy, and tolerances of the engine parts. Hence, always check the vehicle’s manual or consult with a professional mechanic to understand which oil best suits your car. For example, LIQUI MOLY’s MoS2 oil is specifically recommended for older Porsches with air-cooled engines.


Engine oils designed for high-mileage vehicles usually contain specific additives that can help prolong the engine’s life and improve its performance. They can minimize oil leaks, reduce oil consumption, and enhance the lubrication of older engine components. If your car has high mileage, LIQUI MOLY’s High Mileage line could be your go-to.


The climate in which the car is driven has a substantial impact on engine oil performance. In colder climates, a lower viscosity oil that remains fluid at low temperatures is ideal. In contrast, in warmer climates, a higher viscosity oil that won’t thin out excessively under high temperatures is necessary. LIQUI MOLY provides a comprehensive range of oils catering to varying weather conditions.

Driving Habits

The way you drive also influences the type of oil that would be best for your engine. If you frequently drive on highways at high speeds, or if you use your car for track racing, you’ll need oil that can withstand higher temperatures and provide consistent lubrication. In contrast, if your driving involves frequent short trips, you’ll need oil that can protect your engine from cold starts and condensation issues.

The LIQUI MOLY Advantage

LIQUI MOLY’s range of oils is formulated with an understanding of the diverse needs of different engines. They ensure high-quality performance, optimal protection, and prolonged engine life. Steffen emphasizes that LIQUI MOLY’s team of experts is committed to developing innovative solutions to cater to every engine’s needs.

Here at Melbourne Euro, we understand that your car deserves the best. With expert advice from LIQUI MOLY’s R&D department, we can guide you in choosing the right engine oil to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively, no matter what the conditions. Trust us with your vehicle, and we’ll ensure it receives the care it needs with the unparalleled quality of LIQUI MOLY engine oils.